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Lovers of the great green spaces and care about the environment, you and your other half have decided to get married under the sign of the nature by organising a wedding that represents your philosophy of life. A ceremony and a wedding reception dominated by natural colours, with green and white. You dream of something very sleek and at the same time of living, with foliage, flowers, wood… and most importantly, you want to play the card of the recycling to the maximum to create a decoration that is both beautiful and green. Place at the marriage green friendly !


Of pure who breathe in the nature for a marriage green friendly

Care about the environment, you can use biodegradable paper and vegetable inks for your invitations. To announce your lovely wedding theme, keep it simple by offering your guests invitations to a thousand shades of white and natural green reminiscent of the color of the plant. Feel free to add the dried flowers in the envelope, it will pleasantly surprise the guests ! As for the calligraphy, play the card again to write clean, very delicate and thin.






Seasonal flowers to enhance the look of a wedding green friendly

No need to run to the shops to find an accessory that will highlight your hair, go out in your garden, or in that of your loved ones, and go pick the most beautiful wild flowers you will find. Then create a crown of flowers, totally unique and customized according to your taste (using your florist will be valuable in this case). For the bridal bouquet, choose again fresh flowers and lots of plants, branches. After the ceremony, don’t let your flowers wither away in a corner ! Use in the decoration of the room, or offer each of the flowers of this bouquet to your guests who will be able to slide in their hair if you have chosen not to launch it.





The wedding decoration will be placed under the sign of the plant

Leaves and more leaves ! You want the greenery to create a natural ambience and airy. If your wedding reception is held outdoors, in a park or a large garden, it is perfect. If it takes place indoors, make sure that your guests are immersed in the heart of a true garden made by your care. To do this, bring in leaves, grass, fresh flowers, branches… and place them on the tables, on the centres of tables, drag and branches in towels, on the marks-spaces… Be creative and work at it again this staged plant with your florist who will be wonderful in council, it is his specialty, or even with a floral designer.


Here are some small ideas : wrap it in towels, and the feet of glasses with very long stems, place a different flower on each plate, write the names of the guests on large green leaves… You can also drop a flower pot into the earth at the center of each table, in which you’ll be putting up a small sign on which shall be indicated the number or the name of the table.










A cake of green-clad how green friendly

If you want to stay in the vegetation theme, have a beautiful white frosting that will make your wedding cake a beautiful hue sleek way ruffle cake for him, give relief. Magnify your cake with crowns of leaves and/or flowers, at your leisure, by small discrete touch or a more prominent. A wedding cake greedy breathe the nature !






Turn your guests green with small gifts plant

After a day immersed in nature, your guests will be delighted returning home with a gift that they can display in their home. For this, plan for each one a small plant, a cactus or a succulent. Personalize the present with a label containing the name of the person, and a word of thanks. Thanks to this, your guests will have a touch of nature in them, as a nice souvenir of this beautiful day.





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