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Wedding rhymes (a little too) often with family conflicts. In fact, it is a very important day with a lot of the issues then it is common for parents to get involved. All the more if they participate more or less actively so that financial. Virginia Mention, creative agency Ceremonize and co-founder of the Assocem brings you 5 tips to avoid arguments during the organization of your wedding.



The list of guests

Ah the famous guest list a source of conflict, already between the bride and groom but can also be with the parents. First of all, do you both agree on the size of your wedding : a large pump or a small committee ? To what circle of family/friendly do you want to open it ? For a wedding or small you will limit the circle of family very close, while for a wedding in great pomp, you’ll lie to the cousins that we see very rarely, for example. Once both agree, he will have to announce it to your family. If you want a marriage more intimate and that your parents imagined themselves to invite their friends that you have seen only once, it will be necessary in this case to find a compromise. The wine of honor will save you from this conflict. In fact, it will invite the people dear to your parents and that you barely know. These people will leave at the end of the wine of honor because they will not be invited to your meal.

Do not throw them away not parents of the wedding preparations

Especially if you know that they would like to be involved. Keep away from the preparations of a marriage does not work out well then not at all the things. Assign for example the choice of wines. A council that works to 1000% ! You can also invite them to your table during the tasting of the test meal. Although it does not have the final word on the choice of the menu for the wedding dinner, it will be greatly pleasure to drip before all the world the dishes that will be served during the big day. Finally, let them accompany you when you make visits to places of reception.

Let go of your parents on the little details to manage for the wedding

Small gifts to guests, your exit of the ceremony, the cushion of your covenants or other small detail not very important to your eyes will be positions to be assigned to your family. They will be all the more thrilled they will feel invested of a critical task.

And the wedding budget in all of this ?

It is the nerve of the war. Families are often involved in the organization of the wedding of course, but it was also often the heart to give their children a financial boost.
If it is difficult for you to accept financial help for a reason which is personal, think that it is a pleasure for them and therefore it is difficult to refuse. Why not list a few items that you will pay your respective parents : the jazz band during the wine reception that you have booked on to the end… finally you had the budget, your dress wedding, or the cake that you want to order in a pastry chef renowned…

It is your wedding !

Then impress your family. It is important, from the announcement of the wedding, fit well to the things to avoid conflict with your parents. Set limits, for example, by explaining what you have decided above, and explain that you manage the rest while the supporters informed as to the progress.