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On the beach abondonnée, seashell and wedding ! Yes, if you feel like it, it is possible to organize your wedding ceremony (especially secular) on a beach ! In France, abroad, how is it going ? Rémy Piazzi, wedding planner at Wedding Love Orchid, we said everything, everything, everything, what you need to know to get organized !



Can you get married on a beach in France ?

It has quite the right to marry on a beach in France ! There are two possibilities : the public beach and private beach. To the public beach, simply submit a request for exemption to the town Hall of the commune where the marriage is to be celebrated, and this, about a year before the wedding date. It is also possible to ask the Mayor to come and celebrate the civil wedding on the beach, but it is very rare that they agree to accept ! It is better to consider the celebration of a secular ceremony and the civil ceremony at the town Hall .


Attention to the curious !

Who says wedding on a public beach said great chance of having curious who will come and see what’s happening, and it is annoying ! It is therefore preferable to provide for the assistance of a wedding planner to ensure that everything will be okay. Of course, you can also ask a family member to make “the vigil,” but the designated person does not accrue at the moment and it is a pity !


Get married on a private beach

There is not a specific waiver is requested and you have the assurance that there is no person who is not invited to the wedding. This is the big advantage of the wedding on a private beach. Conversely, the cost of the privatisation of the property is a disadvantage.


What activities to offer to guests after the ceremony ?

Some of the private beach can offer various activities such as jet ski rental , boat and other… others, who have the habit of celebrating marriages, may also have a service organization who can then set up the animations and manage the device on the spot. This opens up so many possibilities for organising both the wine reception, the meal and the rest of the festivities.


Get married on a beach abroad, as it happens ?

We can very well celebrate their union on a beach abroad (this is done more and more for weddings winter). The formalities depend on the country chosen. Generally, it is sufficient to apply at the consulate or at the embassy of France on the site approximately 4 months before the wedding date. But be careful : in some countries it will take approximately 12 months in advance and include costs for translation of documents.

For information, some travel agencies offer ” formulas wedding “, that is to say, they work with wedding planners on-site and they will take care of both the organization of the ceremony, the booking of hotels, catering, administrative aspects, as would a wedding planner in France for a delivery organised from A to Z.

As I said above : everything is possible for a wedding held on a beach. You can no celebrate that the secular ceremony and you can as well make the wine of honor and the reception. Of course, this requires organization and equipment to come on site but this is not impossible, if the weather is inclement. But as for the entire ceremony outdoors, it is advisable to have a fallback solution in the vicinity (just in case).


An idea for the decoration of ceremony ?

The beach itself is already a very nice decor , but it is always possible to complement it with, for example, of the fires of bengal (this is very nice in the early evening). You can also play the theme from the beach and the sea bottom with decorations of type of shellfish and why not an old wooden fishing boat behind the altar of the ceremony ! The rendering will be canon !

In general, for the decoration of a beach, it is necessary to preferably keep the sea as a backdrop and fill the surrounding area with chairs and tables as they would for the decoration of a room traditional, that is to say, include decorations high to fill the volume of the place. If you are lucky enough to have palm trees on your beach it is the ideal ! You just need to decorate any space between the palm trees with the aperitif, or even hammocks , all depends on your theme and your budget !