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What better way to prepare, the day after his wedding, a brunch by the sea ? Enjoy the beginning of the rest of his life with his half in a unique atmosphere and authentic : this is what Sam is Going to a Photographer wanted to put forward in this gorgeous photo shoot inspiration. Has two or with its guests, it is always a good idea to extend the holiday to take advantage of this atmosphere so magical. We let you enjoy this soft breton landscape and the staging of Priscilla, wedding planner and creator of the agency Breizh Cup Cake Events.


A first wake up as husband and wife by the sea

To start this first day of newlyweds, what could be better than an alarm clock by the sea”, orchestrated by the soft sound of the waves wash up on the sand white ? Organize a brunch is a great idea for a couple freshly married. Here, we prefer a framework where the quiet is master to make the most of every moment. Open the curtains of your room oriented to the vast blue waters of the sea and feel the sea breeze touch your face out on the terrace… A dream !







A brunch by the sea with a unique atmosphere

In order to make this brunch an unforgettable, imagine a unique atmosphere for your decorating. Think of the implementation of nice tents to host you, you and your guests if you want to stay in their presence the day after the wedding. This can include activities such as the establishment of a trailer, which acts as a bar or food truck, to make the day even more user-friendly.






A brunch to extend the theme of the wedding

The brunch is a way to extend your wedding and it should please you. Don’t hesitate to extend your theme, choose colors, objects that will recall the ambiance of the eve. For a brunch by the sea in an atmosphere of a strand roots and authentic, you can put in front of the raw materials and noble as wood, vines, wool, cotton, as well as items found and recovered from the attic, and plants that will give that authentic touch to your brunch. Feel free to play with the marine aspect by adding shells.







The married in looks casual

It is always your wedding, but the formal ceremony has passed, so don’t hesitate to set you in stylish outfits, but more casual. A hairstyle a little more loose (the hair in the wind or a braid wild), a beauty more simple, lighter, more revealing clothing.







Thanks for this awesome photo shoot, eco-responsible made by talented professionals in the wedding

  • The Hotel of the sea, a facility, eco-responsible on the coasts of Finistère
  • Lucy Champion, who is in charge of the styling and the beauty of the bride
  • Breizh Cup Cake Events, which had the mission of managing the staging, set design and decoration
  • Sam Will Photographer, talented photographer
  • The Tipi Beautiful Attempts to give a small unusual side to the reception
  • The Mobile Bar Receipt of the Elorn, all from recycled wood and hand-made