Red is a wedding color love10.10.201710.10.2017admin

The love you have for your future spouse is so intense and so beautiful that you want to share it with your guests at the most beautiful day of your life ? What could be better than the color of love and passion, the red, as the theme of your wedding to have otherwise provided your desire ?


Bet on the color red for your wedding !

The red is a warm color that’s perfect for your day J. Attention, we are not talking about any red, but a glowing red ! A red, passionate, sensual and full of power s, which will warm the hearts of your guests and will bring dynamism and joy of life to your mise-en-scene for the decoration of your wedding decoration.

The red into your wedding decoration

Dare the red for a total look or little by little. Whether in your bridal bouquet, on your wedding dress, on your wedding cake or on the tables of your wedding dinner, think about making a few notes in red. You see, these a few details will make all the difference. One last piece of advice, opt for a combination of red and white in order to soften the dominant color that can be aggressive if abused…Has this, just add a little touch of gold and your wedding will be simply amazing.