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When preparing the list of pictures to take for the wedding, a thousand ideas come to mind. We want everything to be taken in photo but at times, under the fire of our thoughts and our brains to brides who think too fast, we forget some points. Then when you will get the list of your wedding photos, here are 5 shots must not be skipped on the day.


The skins

First of all, there are many benefits to choosing a photographer for your wedding preparations. This exchange moving with your loved ones where you transform from bride to bride, sublime is worth being captured !


The first look

The first look will be the time where you and your half you’ll discover with your festive attire. You can either simply decide to reveal to you during the ceremony, or a few minutes before to enjoy a little privacy before returning to your guests. In this case, ask your photographer or wedding planner to be your accomplices for you to discover with surprise ! Blindfold you eyes and take off your blindfolds when you’re face to face. Darling can you wait for the back shot, and the photographer immortalisera your arrival in a way that is moving.


The exchange of rings

Key Moment of the ceremony, the photo of the exchange of rings, associated with the time, deserves to be burned forever. Please do not hesitate to tell your photographer to capture the covenants prior to the exchange, for example, or when children honor you will bring.



The throw of the bouquet

This tradition of throwing the bouquet is a movie not to miss. Tell your photographer so that it arranges the provision of the bridesmaids and can catch throw of the bridal bouquet ! Guaranteed laughs for the assembly !


The arrival of the pièce montée

This moment, which marks the start of the festivities, is a time which needs to be perfectly orchestrated. Arrival of the cake, the lighting of the glittering, music started, and you, who cut your first slice of cake as husband and wife ! Do not rush ! Take the time to pose in front of the buffet before the cut, and you will keep a memorable souvenir of this moment.