The dishes from my wedding meal : how to choose the right one ?10.10.201810.10.2018admin

You chose the menu and drinks that you can enjoy for the Day J on the evening of the wedding ! Great, but have you thought of the dishes that will be prepared on the buffet the wine of honor and at the table for dinner ? Essential for the logistics part, the dishes of the wedding is also a centerpiece of the decoration. It tells you how to choose it confidently.


The dishes of the wedding : at what times is it useful ?

First of all, the dishes must be appropriate to the formula you have chosen. In fact, if you have opted for a wedding with a cocktail reception, large platters and glasses (champagne, wine, water, beer, and cocktail…) a priori will be enough. In the framework of a traditional dinner, he will also need to think about the plates for the different dishes but also cutlery and table accessories such as baskets of bread, for example. Quantity side, be sure to provide a bit of margin (approximately+10% in case of the number of guests increase at the last minute). But also, think of the buffets side as the candy bar or buffet at night, which may require a pair of plates or glasses.

Okay, but is that going to fit in with my decor ?

For a ware wedding without a false note, grant it to your wedding theme. A themed retro-rustic-chic : choose dishes vintage and flowery. A marriage of a princess ? The beautiful white porcelain with a touch of gold and crystal glasses will go perfectly. Your reception will be rather green ? Why not opt for dishes wedding chic wooden reusable ?


And for children, what should we think ?

The children will benefit, without doubt, not of the meal as you… We can offer them plates similar to those of adults, but of the lenses shatterproof and cutlery suitable. For a touch more festive, you can find with many brands of wedding decoration, set of dishes for children out of cardboard, and colorful !

The caterer, a good plan to manage the dishwasher ?

The caterer is a professional event, so you can probably count on him for this task. If, however, the rental of dishes is not included in his package or if its catalog is limited, please do not hesitate to ask for advice. In fact, he will tell you what are the quantities to be expected, but also it will take care of the logistics part D-Day : the delivery, installation, cleaning, recovery… All the hidden fees you might encounter by way of a renter !

Where to find the crockery wedding without breaking the bank ?

First of all, if you don’t want to go through your caterer, you can count on rental traditional House Options or Be Lounge, which engaged in several major cities in France. Then, your reception room offers may be the dishwasher in its package, do not hesitate to inquire. Dishes vintage will be available in either rental, where you will be able to directly hunt for antiques in the secondhand trades. Also, please don’t hesitate to scour the classifieds in search of brides who sell their dishes of the Day J. Finally, the attics of your parents beyond, perhaps, of dishes just waiting to be used. For a ware wedding at a lower cost, it deserves a little tour among them : originality guaranteed !