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Marry on the theme of disguise : here’s an idea joyful for a wedding ! And those that have had Nicholas and Melanie to celebrate their union in the right mood and in the laughter. To capture such wonderful moments it is Laura Delune , which has been chosen by the bride and the groom to immortalise their reception. The married we have made pretty confidences about their marriage…

Hello lovers, then tell you your encounter ?

It is fairly standard, it was going to visit a friend, he was there. A beautiful boy, a look of emerald green and a nice smile. Our relationship remained friendly for a few weeks and it turned into a real love. We were made for us to meet and be together , two souls sisters ! It really looks like, the same tastes, the same desires, we wanted the same life.


And the famous marriage proposal, how has it gone ?

We are parents of two little wonders and we have always said that when the youngest would be of age to bear alliances this would be the time. This is not a request romantic but marriage has evolved, it is more a moment of sharing. Our most beautiful proof of love was Margot and Juliet. And for this wedding, our families were delighted, especially for us, and small. We were going to be united and have the same name all four. And especially our girls, it is still super for the children to attend the wedding of their parents.



How was the organization and management of this marriage ?

No wedding planner, we are a family of very symbiotic and multi-purpose. My mother Elsa Gary and my sister Alexandra were busy of any. It was more like a party-friendly with family and friends than a traditional wedding for 50 people and fifteen children. This marriage in a small committee was held in Cuq, for the town Hall and the festivities, it is the small village where I live for some years with Nicholas and our girls. A nice little village in our beautiful South-West.






My mother and my sister are so busy with everything. I have a delegate and during two days non-stop, they have decorated the ballroom. My mother-in-law took care of the flower room with the lovely flowers in her garden. And I found the room at the same time as the guests. Suddenly zero stress for me. For the decoration (always Elsa and Alexandra), there was a small nod to my husband with two parrots in decorating (he is fascinated by the birds). We wanted to keep thespirit of country-style and open-air café in the village hall with old dishes, vases, streamers and tablecloths. There were small table decorations and bouquets made by Elsa and Alexandra.








And there was a dress code for the guests a little special, on the theme of disguise. This may seem funny but we are a family original. I can’t tell you that there has been no gnashing of teeth at the announcement of the theme of marriage… Especially Alexandra, my sister, and that a witness saw in a long dress and elegant. But she was able to have fun and play queen one day, she was Cleopatra with her pharaoh.




And your wedding dress ?

For me, who lives and works in the middle of the wedding dresses and that was for mom, the designer Elsa Gary, I of course had the dress of my dreams performed by his care. A wedding dress long very retro, quite smooth with a beautiful lace back : the model Elizabeth.





If you were to remake a thing for your wedding, what would it be ?

It was really the marriage that we corresponded. Lots of atmosphere and natural. And I delegated it to 200 %, I really wanted to have the free spirit and I really did trust my friends and family. People that I am particularly fond of, and really the most is that I was able to really enjoy the day because the town hall was at 11 o’clock and then place the meal and party until the end of the night in this small village in the Lot et Garonne. Children playing, music, a good meal, wine, friends, games for the afternoon, I will remember forever these moments and my marriage. Of kindness and of love ….







What is your most beautiful memory ?

Everything was perfect, see my two little girls happy, and my husband Nicholas at the town hall. A moment of intense and very fun, discover guests dressed up too ! An airline pilot, a cowboy, an air hostess, Marianne, Indians, a fakir… everything To spend a good time, discover and laugh.




  • Photographer Laura Delune
  • Wedding dress :
  • Costume : a nice jeans, shirt with flowers and butterfly bow Galeries Lafayette
  • Makeup : Creabeauté to be Good Against
  • Bridal Bouquet : Abelia Deco Agen
  • Ice cream in the afternoon : Ice & Roll Julie Cherry
  • Reception venue : Hall of Cuq 47220