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Atmosphere gypsy, song of the cicadas, the wedding of Marina and Pierre-Alexandre we took in a wonderful journey to the heart of the midi. It is a few kilometres from Aix-en-Provence, Monfort sur Argens, that the designer of the brand of dresses wedding Harp had said yes to his love… Here, Marina confides and tells us about his wonderful marriage to the sun. Animations on the decorations through the look of the bride and groom, everything was thought with taste and refinement in every detail, for these four days of festivity…


How did the meeting with your spouse ?

Pierre-Alexandre and I, we met about 10 years. My childhood friend knew him and I kept teasing him, asking him to make presentations, I always found it very beautiful. A lunch was arranged by our friends one afternoon in the month of may where the rain kept falling. After this lunch, I had no doubt that our story would be long.


And the marriage proposal, how has it gone ?

I was sought in marriage on the 1st of April, and no this is not a joke ! Amsterdam is one of our cities worshipped, it has prepared its application with onions, beautiful hotel, beautiful views, gourmet restaurant and gift to punctuate this day of April sublime. He offered me a box containing 5 large books with gold letters, he designed, with a workshop and filled itself of polaroid pictures telling our story from our meeting. The last page overlying a tongue, once it raised a double bottom in the book is presented with written “will you marry me” overlooking the ” yes ” and “no”. I have not read the famous question and I am eager to discover the ” not “, imagine his stupefaction, I resumed my reading and of course I hold my should in the ” yes ” box , a ring was waiting for me.

How reacted your friends and relatives to the announcement of your union ?

The parents were delighted, we celebrated for several weeks for our engagement with dinners to no end ” what are you going to choose as required, as decoration ? “ and ” what date ? “… The friends were for the most part aware of the date of our request, he was entrusted with for months, so they were not very surprised !


So, how long have you prepared your beautiful wedding ?

We organized our wedding for a year, with the help of Sweet Blossom, the agency wedding planner of the workshop and the Vik for the party decoration.


And this preparation how has it gone, what have you started ?

We started out by the place, it was he who was going to set the theme, the atmosphere and thegeneral organization of the wedding. We dreamed of a wedding in Provence, our region’s favorite, it was so obvious to choose this place to the theme rural and bucolic. These are the shoemakers are the worst shod, I chose my dress two weeks before the wedding, the number of orders increasing over the month, we realized my dresses in fourth gear. This has not marred the beauty of my dresses.


What reception did you select ?

The castle of Robernier is a place of reception and beautiful. The contact with the owners went very well, in contrast to the restricted location of the music after midnight and pitch of the sound. The city of Monfort sur Argens is adorable, friendly people, and Mr. Audibert, the mayor of Montfort sur Argens, is an extraordinary person.



And regarding the theme and the colors ?

We organized a wedding in 4 days and 2 receptions. Saturday was the civil wedding at the town hall followed by the reception on the Saturday, a dinner with barbecue on the ground at the bohemian-style.





We have organized a lot of animations this day, a wine tasting at the castle Nestuby and a Pool Party. The evening was enlivened by singers gypsy and dancers of flamenco.





Now we want to know all about the wedding decoration ?

We opted for bright colors, wildflowers, and vivid colors, berber carpets, lace doilies retro made by our care. A photobooth with a tipi and a seat Emmanuelle, piñata and of the oarsmen in the free distribution, here is the atmosphere of the marriage. We also made tambourines lace for dancing in the evening. Sunday, the day of the wedding lay in the houppa, we opted for a decoration rustic and provencal.




What has been the hardest part in the preparation of this wedding ?

The hard part was to know the exact number of guests at the wedding. Also, the organization of The wedding with the caterer was very difficult.





And for the wedding dress then, tell us all, how have you thought about your outfit ?

The workshop Harp has made two outfits for Saturday :

  • The short dress
  • The long dress


The short dress is a wedding dress portfolio in double silk crepe at the shoulders bare. I wanted a dress with bohemian spirit and to the long sleeves puffed, the challenge was not to get too hot ! We chose a chiffon very lightweight, it was perfect. The back is fully buttoned, and confers elegance to the model.




The wedding dress of the evening is the favorite dress of Pierre-Alexandre, he knew the Folk model of the collection timeless, and he knew that I would wear the model, so it had to be the surprise ! We’ve changed the entire model in keeping with the spirit of folk dear to our wedding day. The workshop has created a unique dress, a dress open in front and fully buttoned, so as to leave a glimpse of the legs to dance the flamenco. We opted for guipure-like lace to give more relief to the model and keep the chiffon to the volume of the skirt.


In this regard, what are your tips for the fitting of the wedding dress ?

When you have found the right one, you know right away !

And to accessorize a wedding dress, do you have any advice ?

A crown of flowers, jewels, earrings or necklace…. I opted for crowns of flowers, we have made ourselves. I have worn the pair of earrings of my grandmother with the short wedding dress, this held me to the heart. With the long dress, I wore big hoop earrings with flowers made by the Crowns Of Victory, they have had a great success.



What was your most beautiful memory ?

Our wedding under the houppa, what incredible timing.

If you were to remake a thing ?

Be more vigilant on the choice of the caterer.


The marriage that represents what to you ?

For an unforgettable moment.





Providers of the marriage of Marina and Pierre-Alexandre

  • Angelo Lacancellera : the photographer
  • Sebastien Sebastien : the details of the wedding photography
  • Wedding dresses : Harp Paris
  • The reception venue : Castle Robernier
  • Agency wedding planner : Sweet Blossom Event
  • Décor : Workshop of Vik
  • Make up and hair : Leah Poirier
  • Dance and music : Manuel Gomez y Familia