The marriage of Elsa and Aude : their beautiful union country in the colours of the Ardèche12.09.201812.09.2018admin

Elsa and Aude were married in a rustic ambiance matched to the nature of the ardèche department. A wonderful wedding and so joyful, so happy. Unions colourful as we like. Just for indeed, they are part of the highlights of the organization of this marriage in their own image, and reveal the beautiful photos taken by the talented Camille Collin, a photographer. We leave you to enjoy this beautiful testimony, and these two charming young women, whose smile made us melt with happiness.




How have you encountered ?

We met in a bar, at a party organized by a common friend. The feeling was quickly taken… it was already more than 6 years !







And demand in the marriage, how it went to girls ?

The request was made one evening by Aude, very spontaneously. There was no big scene, it really has been made so simple.









How your loved ones reacted to this marriage ?

Everyone was very excited, and quickly put the hand to the dough to help organize this beautiful day.







What wedding theme have you chosen : tell us everything !

We left on a wedding theme, rustic with dominant yellow and white that marry completely with the place of our wedding, in full nature in the ardèche department.








What reception did you have withheld ?

We are married to the father of Elsa, who has a great property in the Ardeche. It is a beautiful place full of nature, where we usually spend our holidays. The charm of the mountains, great vistas, and the forest, this was the place clear for us.







And this wedding preparation, how it happened suddenly complicated ? Easy ?

As said before, we have made the choice to get married in the garden of the father of Elsa. It was necessary to provide many things additional to the room rental as find a circus tent, provide electricity, light, sound, make a dry toilet, showers for our guests under tents… But it was worth it because this marriage was really in our own image ! It was important for us to call a maximum of local producers, the Ardèche is a region very rich on that side. We spent a year of going back and forth from Paris to pick up small beads. This is what we preferred to do during this year of preparation.







Did you do it yourself ?

We have thought and done the whole decoration of our wedding, with a helping hand from Pinterest for the inspirations. Our table plan was done on wine bottles, hanging on a wooden arch, with origami and flowers. The mom of Aude, passion flower, has made all of the arrangements for the wedding (bouquets of the brides, tables, the ark of the secular ceremony…), great team work !










What is your most beautiful memory in the preparation of the D-day ?

What really are all these weekends of preparation spent in the Ardeche. A real opportunity to spend beautiful moments with family.





And in the wedding ?

It is our secular ceremony, only part of which we had totally delegated the organization. Time of strong emotions and surprises ! It was nice to have left carte blanche to our loved ones and discover all the two.




What was your overall budget for the wedding ?

It is difficult to say because the expenses are much more spread out. It is estimated to more or less eur 15 000 or 20 000 euros.



Credit photo : Camille Collin Photographer