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To celebrate their union, Navy and David have chosen to reach out to their loved ones in a beautiful, arty colours and hippies. At the heart of the wheat fields, they said yes to their greatest happiness. Here, we discover behind the lens of photographer Camille Collin , and he let himself be carried away by the amazing photos of this summer day. Discover together their testimony on this very important event for them !


Tell us your meeting ?

David and I had mutual friends from the days of high school, he knew my best friends, I knew his own, but without ever be encountered. One day, we finally end up at the same evening. In talking to her I had the impression of already knowing him, it was a no-brainer.





How did the marriage proposal ?

David has chosen our 3rd anniversary and wanted to take me out to dinner in a starred restaurant next to the Eiffel Tower. Then after the meal we went to sit on the Champ de Mars because it is at this place that we had made it one of our first outings as a lover and that, even if it’s very cliché, I love the Eiffel Tower ! We talked for a moment, I was snuggled up in his arms and then he pulled out the ring and asked me if I wanted to be his wife…in front of the twinkling Eiffel Tower !






How reacted your loved ones ?

Our parents were rather surprised because they didn’t think that we wanted to marry but they are quickly made to the idea ! Our friends were of course very happy for us.







What does the wedding represent to you ?

The wedding was a way to celebrate and formalize our commitment in front of all our loved ones. Knowing that between the time of the application and the wedding, we had a child, it can be said that no one had any doubt about this commitment, but we wanted to still make a celebration.








Which theme did you choose and why ?

The wedding theme was bohemian/hippie. In the beginning it was just a bohemian, had been put lace everywhere : the invitations, the wedding dress, table decoration, etc… Then, we chose the music input of the secular ceremony : big blow of heart for “Imagine” by John Lennon, from there, we started to add detail hippies (fabrics, carpets, sign Peace&Love, catch-dreams).








What is the reception venue have you chosen ?

We chose the Grange of Renneville because we love old buildings, we wanted a place with a history. When we visited the Barn beautifully restored with its timber frame dating back to 1495, we are completely fallen under the charm.







Tell us about the preparation of your wedding ?

I’ve always been very stressed by this that I couldn’t control, especially the weather ! We got married in the month of August in Normandy, and the day before, it was raining. Fortunately the day of the wedding the sky cleared little by little, and we had the sun. It was really wonderful ! I loved choosing the providers of a marriage, the details of the menu, the flowers… We took a lot of time to choose the photographer because it was one of the most important jobs for us. We have met 4 people through Skype and then our choice was focused on Camille Collin because, in addition to its pretty pictures, we really had a good feeling. What we loved above all else, it is the organization with our witnesses and masters of ceremony : a lot of evenings to think about, a lot of laughter in front of the crazy ideas of my husband and a lot of moments that reassure me.







Have you done any do it yourself for the wedding ?

It is inspired by the tutorials found on the Internet, and we’ve had a lot of help from our friends.

  • Catch-dreams : we bought circles suitable for this kind of realization, lace, fabric and wool.
  • Peaks in heart : we bought colored paper, a hole punch in the shape of a heart and spikes to skewer.
  • Terraria straw : we bought the wire, straws, cardboard and gold paint bomb.
  • Centerpieces : we bought the fabric.
  • Booklets of ceremony/fans : as with all the stationery for the wedding, the booklets of the ceremony were done by our friend and cookie Julie Van Der Ecken, who is a graphic designer, and then we bought the brads and wooden rods.
  • Arch ceremony : we bought an arch of garden to fit and the fabric. The sign “Peace&Love” has been made by one of our friends.








What is your most beautiful memory in the wedding preparation ?

It is the eve of the wedding, when it starts to install everything and that what we have imagined for several months finally take shape.







And in the wedding ?

The most beautiful memories with David during the marriage (in addition to its magnificent story) it is toward the end of the meal, we took the time to look around us and realize that everything happened just as we imagined them to be. It was wonderful to see all those we love were there, happy and enjoyed themselves as much as we do.






What was your overall budget ?

Our budget was $ 22 000 €.

How have you allocated your budget on various expenses ?

  • Outfits of the bride and groom : 2500 €
  • Beauty of the newlyweds : 65 €
  • Reception room : 4500 €
  • Catering : 6400 €
  • Photographer : 1800 €
  • DJ : 1200 €
  • Florist : 275 €
  • Decorating : 600 €
  • Drinks : 900 € champagne, £ 400 of wine and a $ 400 beer
  • Brunch wedding : 1600 €
  • Animation photo booth : 500 €



Credit photo : Camille Collin Photographer