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Amazed and the engagement ring finger for just a few hours, you’ll start thinking : but where am I going to start the wedding preparations ? How do I organize ? I feel that there is going to have a job ! Camille Pichon, creator of the agency Say Yes !, you explain everything they need to do to roll up the sleeves without stressing. It is gone !


When organizing the wedding ?

It seems to me that each woman has already thought of their ideal wedding even before that their half has not made his request. But now, the reality is there, the application is made, where to start ? This is a vast topic which is difficult to meet single. If you’re extremely organized, you do not have fear of you don’t forget anything and that you have time before you go. But if you want a boost to start this great adventure, please do not hesitate to contact a wedding planner who can guide you.


It should be noted that the best halls and caterers in terms of quality/price are taken often over a year in advance. So it is at least a year before D-day that it is necessary to begin preparations, at least for the hall and the caterer, needless to begin to ask your future husband what he thinks of such or such a scenery at this time.


How to establish the budget of the wedding ?

It is very difficult to know how much will it cost her her marriage from the beginning. Go through a professional who will establish the budget for you is still the best solution. Even if you want to organize your wedding yourself, the wedding planners offer packages tips to help you in this step. The most important thing is to know what maximum amount you do not want to exceed because the expenditure linked together quickly and the costs are quite high. We often forget to count the envelopes or the stamps, for example, or even the socks of the groom…


How to think about the steps in the organization of the wedding ?

The main steps of the organization are the following :


  • Once the maximum budget is established, the first thing to do is to establish the number of guests. Difficult task and a thankless one that only you, dear newlyweds can do ! My advice : try not to listen to you. It is your wedding !


  • From these two elements (the budget of the wedding and number of guests), you will know what type of place you turn : a village hall ? A castle ? So you can start your search for venue and catering. Often, this step fits in with the room. It is necessary to be methodical and organised and reference your favorite places based on the number of guests. My advice ? Do not hesitate during your calls to ask all the questions in order to eliminate a maximum of places and only visit the essential. Be careful not to take a room too large for your number of guests for not to find yourself drowned.


  • Once you have that, the rest follows in general because the rooms or the caterer, you often provide service providers with whom they used to work : DJ, photographer, decorator, florist… Then, I advise you to find your wedding dress at least four months before the wedding to have time to make the necessary changes.

Your tip in addition to expert ?

It is true that you have to be very organised to face these trials which will come on your way but the most important thing is to know how to decide to avoid going in all directions, to scatter and lose time and energy. Attention to good advice from family and friends who just want to help you but which can eventually give you more work and worry ! Remember that you get married before all for you and it is up to you that you must make fun of it. The rest will follow…


The council pro to manage the budget of the marriage without taking the head ?

Take advantage of the sales to buy alliances and the costume of a Gentleman. In contrast, certain items are not to be taken lightly : the photos that will remain infinite after the wedding and the makeup that will stay until the end of the night, for example. For the caterer, everyone will remember if it was bad, however, nobody will thank you if it was delicious. You have to determine your priorities.


Should we organize a feast to celebrate the betrothal ?

Today the feasts of engagement are a little outdated in their proposals : family dinner, announces the parent to the friends of the family… On the other hand, this meeting could very well turn into a friendly moment at a party, for example, which would announce your future witnesses of their role. And then it is always a good occasion to celebrate.