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The marriage, this unique moment which formalizes the love between two people and that is the dream of many girls (and us of course), from a very young age ! And the traditions are related, you know ? Each country has its customs (sometimes surprising) specific to its culture. A small trip around the world is needed, therefore, with Ana-Isabel, wedding planner at AB Events, and Noémie Dzen, to discover together the rituals that exist. Cheers to the newlyweds !


The most famous of English traditions

“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue “. You already know this pretty custom which comes to us from our English friends ? Not ? “Something old, something new, something lent and something blue “. Here are 4 door happiness the bride must have on the day of her union : a for his life, for his life to come, another porter of the happiness of a woman who is already married, and finally a touch of blue for the purity and fidelity.



A tradition sweet coming of Greece

Direction Greece, for a gourmet traditions. The future wife can hide a sugar in her glove on wedding to symbolize the sweetness of marriage to come.



A sock with holes for the groom Danish

Yes, we also our reaction was ” uh…what ? “. It is in Denmark that we have found this a strange idea : “socks with holes, a pledge of fidelity.” The groom must shoot his sock, otherwise his guests will take care of this for him. According to the Danes, the more no woman will want a man at the sock with holes, it will therefore be faithful to his wife !



Who has the bean in Argentina ?

We, one is accustomed to the famous throwing of the bridal bouquet : the one who catches it will be married in the coming year (which explains that the boyfriend of your cousin, ready to pounce, makes a funny face…). Well, in Argentina, where marriage is a feast which can last for three days, where it disguises itself and plays a drum, it is customary amazing : they hide small objects in a cake in which a ring. The “beans” are connected to wires on which the girls must take. The one that falls on the ring… will be married within the year !



A real fashion show for brides muslim

What a dream for the bride-to-be ? The dress, of course ! In a muslim marriage, a bride can have up to 7 dresses and will change throughout the event (lucky !). Traditionally, the wedding lasted 7 days (you have included : a dress a day). In addition, the eve of the wedding she will be his hands and feet decorated with henna for the fertility and happiness of the couple.



A few days separated, a glass broken at a jewish wedding

During a jewish wedding, a few days before their marriage, the future spouses must be separate to meditate on the importance of the commitment they are about to perform. They must fast on the day of their marriage up until the meal, after their union, religious. To close the ceremony, the groom breaks a glass with his right foot (in memory of the destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem). Mazel Tov !



In the United States, the bride and groom are ready ? Then repeat !

Here’s a funny idea ! The americans are in the show, but to be to the point, it is necessary to repeat… and to her marriage, you can’t escape it ! The “rehearsal dinner” the day before the wedding with the loved ones to gather around a good meal. When we think of their sumptuous wedding cake (of which there have been inspired), we want to listen to all the speeches in the world.



The tears of the sacred came from China

Here is an ancestral tradition that comes to us from China. But above all else don’t forget : it is the red that is in honour, a symbol of happiness and luck for the future of the couple. The famous cry of women from the family of the bride are a sign of nostalgia. In effect, the promise now belongs to another family. You should also know that these women began to cry days before the wedding, the whole forming a song.



The blessing of a Ukrainian

In Ukraine, the family of the bride gives his blessing to the man who asks for the hand of their daughter. This event takes place just before the ceremony and only includes close friends. Therefore, it is not the father who accompanies his daughter, but the spouses who come together as partners. The team work but above all equality are both very important. Then will come the crowning of the spouses to celebrate the love, purity and fertility. Another important element, the Korovai, which is a big bread, braided and decorated. It will be shared and enjoyed with the guests.



Let’s take a bath in India

Let’s end our journey with a detour in India. The bride and the groom will go first take a bath consisting of plants that will bring them the sweetness of life, longevity and fertility. Then, we tie two cords around their wrists that he will keep during the entire ceremony. Once officially married, they will receive the good wishes of the guests in a glider.