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You’re going to get married and need ideas and inspiration in all genres ? Then you are at right place ! is here to help you and guide you throughout your preparation with the help of articles deco, beauty, fashion, advice…but this time the editors decided to go further with an article still more concrete than the other. What could be better than the testimony of a young bride, who has lived what you are living today, to immerse you slowly into the world in your own marriage ? And in order for the effect to be more realistic, stunning images made by the photographer Italian Monica Tarocco, specializing in wedding photography, accompany this testimony. Place to the incredible blend of Mary and Nicola to the town of Castiglioncello on the theme of la Dolce Vita.


Marie, Nicola, how have you encountered ?

We met 5 years ago on September 22, 2012 during a party organized by mutual friends in spain. Nicola is Italian and I’m French but we live next to Geneva, an international city.


How was the marriage proposal and what has been the reaction of your families ?

The marriage proposal was a real surprise for me, I wasn’t expecting this at all. Nicola has asked me in marriage on December 31, 2015, in Montpellier, france. We had spent a fantastic night in a wine bar with a chef who cooked just for us, it was magical. Nicola thought to ask me in marriage in a nearby park, but he had forgotten that the parks are closed at night… so, he has asked me in marriage, in the apartment he had rented for the occasion. He arrived with a bottle of champagne in the lounge and a pretty little blue box Tiffany. He knelt down and asked me in marriage. The emotions at that moment are indescribable. I asked him to let me repeat a second time as with the emotions, and Nicola being an Italian, I don’t remember in what language he talked to me… so He redid his request in Italian to be sure that I understand well. I obviously answered YES !



I then called my sister first, which has become one of my witnesses. She was really happy for us. My little brother, who was partying with friends and singing at the top of your lungs ! My parents were very happy, but as I called them at 3 in the morning they told me, they just said : ” Congratulations, we are reminded of tomorrow “. This is not really the kind of reaction that one expects at this time, but I was on my little cloud.


How did you choose the wedding location ?

We chose Tuscany because it was our first trip to both, and we wanted a place that we really like. The sea, the hills, the good wine, the Vespa and the spirit of Dolce Vita. I lived two years in Italy before you know Nicola, and I do understand him not to get married in another country. And then we looked at the beachfront villas which can accommodate large number of people, and we flashed on the Villa Parisi in Castiglioncello. We rented the Villa in exclusive for a whole weekend.



How did you choose the theme of marriage and why this theme and these colors ?

We have chosen the theme of la Dolce Vita for the values and images that represents : friendliness, simplicity, relaxation, drink, warmth and Italian cuisine. The choice of colors : pastel tones to the softness and pink to fuchsia to give a little oomph.






How have you managed the wedding preparations, what have you started ?

We have managed the organization quite peacefully, even if we have everything organized at a distance. I am organizing events so we shared the tasks with Nicola. It is held the web site of the wedding and the design of the Save The Date and invitations, and I’m busy for the whole organization. We started out by the place, the date and the priest who agreed to marry us at the church so that I’m not baptized. We sent the Save The Date a year in advance for a maximum of parents and friends at the wedding. We were in the final 110 adults and 20 children.




What has been the most hard to manage in the preparation of the wedding ?

The hardest part to manage was the weather. Incredible but true ! Who would have thought that a first of July in Tuscany it would have to rain ? We had looked at and the month of July is normally the driest of the year. A day before the wedding we had hail, icicles as big as golf balls, and a tornado ! We had an aperitif on Friday evening by the sea, but luckily a plan B in case of rain was expected !



The day of the wedding we had a big storm in the morning, and then a beautiful sky in the afternoon ! We have really been lucky. Apart from the weather of course, there was the headache of the tables because we had two nationalities and two languages. It was therefore necessary to do the best for the Italians and the French could have fun and that the atmosphere is good. In the end, everyone told us that the atmosphere was great, and all have taken advantage of each moment and of each workshop : photobooth, caricaturist, ice cream at the exit of the church, live band.




What is your most beautiful memory ?

My most beautiful memory is when my dad saw me in a wedding dress and that I saw him, too, on his 31 for the occasion. A very beautiful moment and very intense emotions. And then of course the arrival to the altar in the arms of my father, a moment that I would have liked to live longer. The photos of the couple where we were able to find all the two lovers and relax was again a very beautiful moment for the two. The moment fundamental to setting off again for the remaining hours.



Nicola was very moved by the speeches of the witnesses and friends and enjoyed a lot prepare her side with his family. The fact that the guests have all been able to have an ice cream at the exit of the church is also a nice souvenir and then all the beautiful pictures of the group that we had.













If you were to remake a thing for your wedding, relive something, what would it be ?

We would like to re-live our wedding but as a guest this time. The people are really a lot of fun, and we would have liked to enjoy we also all that is organized. We have not even had the time to taste our cake.



What was your overall budget for your wedding ?


Our overall budget was € 38,000.


Can you please detail the budget of the wedding ?

  • Outfit of the bride : 3 000 euro
  • Accessories for the bride : € 600
  • Outfit of the groom : 800 euros
  • Hair and make-up : 500 euros
  • Reception room : 7 000 euros
  • Caterer : 13 000 euros, drinks included
  • Photographer : 1 000 euros
  • Wedding planner : € 700, help on the day J
  • Brunch : 500 euros
  • Decoration : 5,000 euros
  • Flowers : 1800 euros
  • Do share : 300 euros, they are hand-made











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