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The Youtubeuse star of the chain’s success, “I’m not cute” book to be pretty confidences about her marriage with Samuel, his great love since high school. Here, Leah goes back on the preparation, the choice of her dress, and the pretty story of the famous marriage proposal… This young mother sparkling tells us all about her lovely day, which took place in the beautiful region of Montpellier !


Leah, we want to know how you met with your lover ?

This is not necessarily very original, but we met on the benches of high school when we were 15 years old. We were part of the same circle of friends without ever really will be crossed until then. Then one day in October 2011, I received a first message and a few days later I fell under its charm.

And how did the marriage proposal ?

Samuel had organized everything, we had a reservation in our hotel favorite spa to celebrate our 5 years of relationship. In the evening after a romantic dinner date I was surprised in going back into our suite to see my darling kneeling in the middle of the petals of roses. He had prepared a nice speech, bought my favorite flowers, ordered a very good cocktail and of course a gorgeous ring to make its request. I was amazed !

Did you expect this demand ?

I was hoping the background for months but I was not expecting such a beautiful request. He has taken care of the details and small attentions seemed to be really thoughtful. Me drunk for so many years with this request, I was pleasantly surprised…

And your friends and relatives how did he react ?

Very well, they were very happy for us ! My little sister (which my husband is the sponsor) was very emotional. Our respective parents proud to see us formalize this relationship that they had seen grow up.


Once the claim is validated, this was the plunge in the preparations, what have you started ?

I did not take long before you begin the preparations, I was waiting for this moment for far too long. The first thing that I wanted to validate it was the place. It is one of the most important items for me at a wedding. I had a very specific idea of what I wanted and it was impossible for me to take the risk that the domain that we ” file under the nose “.

It was easy for you to put the retro-planning of the marriage market, how do you are you organized ?

Honestly I’m not a pro of the organization, I tend to do everything at the same time. But eventually, as my darling has left me carte blanche, I was able to manage things my way.

What was the most fun to do in this preparation ?

Find inspiration, collect ideas, spend hours on Pinterest, browse dozens of blogs… I loved it !

And the more hard ?

I had a lot of apprehension for the choice of the DJ. Music is essential in my eyes to a successful marriage.

And have you really achieved all that you wanted or did you have to make concessions ?

We had the chance to have a wedding in our image, to human size, and I believe that it was the most important for us. The feedbacks were very positive and if I had to relive this day I would not change anything.


Oh and for the room so, on what location has been your choice ?

We were married in the Domain of Moures in Villeneuve-lès-Maguelone. This place of reception was a real blow of heart, especially for the olive trees, wide open spaces and the marquee on the field. It has allowed us to be outside most of the time, what we wanted to do.

And side wedding theme and colors, you can talk to us about your choices ?

We didn’t have wedding theme to be accurate but the tones of the decoration were very sweet. We bet on the wood, the white, powdery pink.. slightly bohemian and romantic !


And a question burns the lips : the choice of the wedding dress : tell us how were the fittings…

I believe that the choice of dress in Marie Laporte remains one of the most moving moments for me. I was accompanied by my two witnesses (my cousin and my aunt), and they have been invaluable in this difficult choice. And then good, it is not necessary to lie, I had a bit the feeling of being a princess. I chose the model Coralie, a long dress with a top and a train with lace.

Is it that it was hard to choose ?

The choice was quite easy, Marie Laporte offers models, one more beautiful than the other. I had already spotted several dresses on the site but see it in real life I was comforted in my choice. I would advise all brides to listen to their heart and wait for THE dress, that in which everything appears clear. Do not rush, wait for the thunderbolt.

What has been the reaction of your sweetheart shot the D-day ?

Difficult to speak in his name haha, he found me beautiful… or at least I hope !

And your more beautiful memory of this day ?

The speeches from my dad.. which was because of my makeup. It was a very moving time for me to see it open in front of our families, he is down-to-earth.


One thing to remake ?

The wine of honour was particularly successful ! We had put in place with the caterer of the workshops theme and the guests have loved this concept. This is an animation that I recommend.

If you had a board or several to give to our future brides, what would it be ?

I have a dedicated video on the subject, I hope that it will help you !



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