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Here we take you in the beautiful region of Bordeaux to discover our top 10 best wedding planners who work within or around this wonderful city. you prepared his famous top 10 lists of the 10 best professional wedding planners : ready to get to know them ?

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Authenticity and poetry, here are the nice words that characterize the weddings wonderful that organizes the agency Image based by the sparkling Christelle. If Christelle is a wedding planner, it is important to add that it is also the event designer. It will give your event design totally in tune with your desires and your budget.

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Madame Event

Creative agency Madame Event, Gwenaëlle uses his experience, his enthusiastic character and his creative personality to organize wonderful weddings. The goal ? To make you happy, meet your budget and your deadlines. You can request benefits at the map in order to request to your wedding planner the specific services you need.

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Bella Com

Based in the Aquitaine region, the team of Bella Com also moves in the whole of France to organize from A to Z your big day, your secular ceremony, or even the co-ordination on the day. The trick nice with the agency Bella Com ? You have the opportunity to organize with the team a marriage “express” in 3 months.

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The Natural Histories

Simple and authentic, it is as well as Sophie Lardy, founder of the agency of Natural Histories, imagine the marriages that she brings to the stage. Sophie Lardy organize your big day in Bordeaux, the Arcachon basin and in the entire region of bordeaux. The thing nice with this agency ? It is that she surrounds herself with artisans and local producers are concerned about their impact on the planet to participate in your beautiful day

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The marriage of Mademoiselle L.

Specializing in weddings high-end, the agency is The marriage of Mademoiselle L. created by Louisa Bornet sets the scene of the reception fabulous, with a charm and sophistication in equal. It should be noted that each of the offers is made-to-measure for each pair of bride and groom. No formula is proposed here, everything is discussed to create a wedding more personalized. Louisa Bornet gives you an appointment for the organization of weddings in the Gironde, Dordogne and Charente.

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Sabeha Brunet wedding planner

If you are looking to organize your wedding in Bordeaux, in the Arcachon basin, or in the Dordogne, perhaps you will find your happiness with Sabeha Brunet to make your reception and make it a dream awake. What we like with this agency ? It is his pronounced taste for refinement, his attention to detail, his integrity and his discretion. If you like to exchange with people who are able to provide you with designs that are creative, then you’ve come to the right place.

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My Event’ by Jenny

Harmony and subtlety, it is as well that we can qualify the work done by the agency My Event’ by Jenny. Want to delegate just a part of the wedding, or the totality, the team will orchestrate what you want for the day J. The goal is that you are a couple serene to celebrate your wedding in the heart of a wedding that looks like you, without the slightest false note, and surrounded by seasoned professionals and always in a good mood. And then if the budget is too small, the team of My Event’ by Jenny will be there to help you build the retro-planning of your big day by putting at your disposal their address book.

How can I make contact with the agency My Event’ by Jenny ?

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The Tree wishes

This agency has found its name because on its branches, there are wishes, yours, those that you dream to make for your wedding. And to carry out your wishes, just get in touch with the agency to explain what it is that you want to put in place for you to be united with the loved one. Which is nice with the Tree wishes, it is that the agency puts forward a genuine ability to create originality to your reception, according to your desires and your personalities, and most importantly, your wallet.

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It was a time… to dream

With a perfect mastery of the on-measurement in the area of marriage, the agency It once was… to dream will be at the side of the bride and groom from the very beginning of the organization with advice in line with the project studied. With the ability to provide staged and very different ambiances, the agency will assist you in the conceptualization of your marriage and in its total creation. That is, the team here is made up of the business of the audiovisual and event management, which can offer you the following qualities : creativity, rigour and strength to undertake.

How can I make contact with the agency It once was… to dream ?

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Christelle Guegan wedding & event planner

The thread of Christelle Guegan to create a wedding ? The happiness, nothing more, nothing less. Just a lot of happiness. Creator of happiness, therefore, Christelle Guegan organizes weddings in Bordeaux and in the Aquitaine region. Surrounded by quality providers, this wedding and event planner seasoned offers different options to the bride and groom to make their event a day that was grand, in the more just refinements. Christelle Guegan even offers couples a formula secular ceremony for those who wish to go further a civil union without getting married religiously.

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