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The organization of your wedding you confused a little bit and you don’t know where to continue, or even simply start…. In short, in this moment, you are lost and honestly you admit it : the help of a real professional in the wedding you will do the greatest good to finally see the light and be sure that everything will be perfect on the day. With our top 10 best wedding planners of the Island of France you are going to be relieved and find the pearl that will support you in all this preparation. No question that your big day goes into a skid, which is why the helping hand of a professional in the wedding is essential to ensure that everything is well put together from A to Z. here you Are offered to discover the top 10 best wedding planners in the Île-de-France, to get acquainted with them, and to make contact through the link of their card provider. It is gone !

It an Orchid

Team It an Orchid, consisting of Charlotte and Marjory, has a valuable experience since its establishment in 2006, and most importantly a true passion for the universe of marriage. And then the marriage custom is their thing. Marriages arranged by It a Orchidéé are authenticity is without equal. Real fairies very carefully, these two wedding planners organize weddings a refinement without equal, receptions with a real chic and a lot of elegance. The agency works with who have been married for 12 years and its reputation is more to do. Recognized in the industry as trailblazers, Charlotte, Marjory and their address book very provided are at the service of the newlyweds in the framework of the overall organisation of the reception but also in the context of a partial planning, for the coordination on D-day, of the scenography, but also for the organization of wedding abroad. Note that this pretty duo organizes weddings for all religions and also offer its services for married expatriates.

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Bubbles a day

If the team Bubbles a day organizes a master hand, your D-day A-to-Z, this is also a team very expert in the field of decoration, capable of staging your wildest dreams. Their eyes astute know to perfection how to depict your reception venue. Creative and always very inspired, the team Bubbles a day takes care of setting the scenes of your centerpieces, to the outside of your reception venue, your ceremony… The trick is owl ? It is only with the test decoration that is proposed by Bubbles a day, you’ll be able to validate or correct the upstream what it will look like your set design. The small budgets don’t panic, Bubbles a day you can rent your equipment thanks to the deco drive.

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Very creative, Virginia Mention carries on this beautiful job, that is the profession of wedding planner since 8 years. Thanks to a tailored support, she is able to manage budgets very different and knows how to adapt to various types of wallet. His trick to it ? Secular ceremonies and amazing ” elopements “. Ah, but that is what it is, what word are you going to tell me ? It means to get married in any small committee. And literally “elopement” means ” lover’s getaway “. It is really romantic ! The marriage takes place with very few people but these are people very close. The wedding to take place in this greatest of intimacies and proximities.

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Working with Sandrine, the creator of the agency Organsa, it is a trip. Because, in fact, to call this a passionate traveller, it is have the opportunity to organise its reception on an island paradise and unite with the heart of an exotic backdrop. Sandrine proposes the organization of weddings abroad, in particular in the west Indies. The dream of being able to say yes to be loved on a beach of white sand becomes a reality. Sandrine will help you to organize the most beautiful day of your life and make you enjoy you and your guests, a change of scenery the most total, the most paradisiacal. With an assistant wedding planner on-site, this professional wedding in the Caribbean will help you put in place, from A to Z, the planning of the wedding. In addition, the on-site team will be available at any time to share with you. Has you the sun, the white sand and the azure blue sea !

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Sweet List

A magic wand and as if by magic, you get a nice wedding to your taste with Any Sweet List. Master in the creation of decorations, delicate, contemporary and wonderful, Clear, creative agency, has an innate sense of refinement and that is staging a modern, very plain and quite chic, you can trust him completely closed eyes. It should be noted that Any Soft List warns the couple that the agency is not proposing to package, but only tailor-made to stick to each couple, because no one has the same desires, nor the same budgets.

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Nina Edelys

After 20 years in the world of Haute Couture and the event, Marina Edel Raymond became a wedding planner mastering the codes of luxury on the tip of your fingers. With a keen sense of perfection and detail and surrounded by a team of professionals sorted on the shutter, it allows its customers to access what they want. Calling itself ” the Lady of All “, Marina Edel Raymond puts a point of honor to this definition very traditional, she wants to be the one who gives her confidence, a personal assistant and an advisor of the faithful. Because if this expert in organization of the wedding is present to coordinate your reception, it is also there to advise you as an expert bridal image. His expertise in image can be used to accompany the bride-to-be and his entourage composed of the maids of honor to guide them in the choice of dresses, styles and themes to ensure that all are in line with the queen of the day, and this, in relation to the materials, morphologies, and trademarks.


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Sphere Events

Wedding planner from A to Z, the team at Sphere Events is a team of committed, creative, flexible and innovative that makes available to married a palette of interesting services to create a personalized wedding based on your desires and budgets. Because the budget as we know it is the sinews of war, and the goal is to observe the amount of money that you can invest in your marriage. The bride and the groom enjoy, as well of practical tools and a personalised follow-up for the management of their event. An address book so it is also available to couples to find providers that match their needs and their wallet.

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Save your date

Who is behind ” Save your date ? There is its founder Cécile, as well as Garance, the head of the project. Their thing to them ? Weddings high-end. Their strength ? Be capable of twister with humour and modernity of traditions marriage while maintaining their elegance. Their goal is to be able to mark it forever in your memory, this marriage you’ve dreamed of. To do this, Cécile is capable of wonderful things : it builds on the elegance and French know-how in playing on the interpretations more free, more personal, in short, it puts his grain of madness, and this gives a wedding magical and very personal.

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My bohemian life

The team of My bohemian life this is the guarantee of working with professionals in the wedding very imaginative, super cool and really fun. Creator of atmosphere and a good mood, the team of My life bohemian takes in charge the artistic direction of your wedding, from creating the invitations to the installation of the decoration on the day. These magicians of the decoration, always in search of good jokes will be there to guide you in the selection of your mise-en-scene with boards of inspiration custom. The detail is super nice ? The team has developed its own website-rental of decorations to minimize your headaches in terms of money… Practical isn’t it ?

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HTC Events Paris

A true expert in organization of weddings luxurious, the agency CTH Events Paris is the queen in the creation of receptions. Holder of an important professional network in the world of marriage, CTH Events in Paris created by Inga, will realise certainly your wildest dreams. Team HTC Events Paris knows how important it is for a married than their big day to be completely in their image, and to match their desires to the deepest. This is why all the details are crafted with meticulousness and perfection. Nothing is left to chance. The marriage of princess in a castle, or in a sumptuous residence in the heart of Provence. Nothing is impossible, it seems, for this team of chic and shock.

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