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Far from the atmosphere of bold and modern wedding style, industrial or reception rustic with pastel colours, here we are immersed in a universe which comes to us straight from the South-West of the United States, and the north of Latin America. Here, indeed, it is inspired by the objects and the mode of the indian tribes who lived there when the settlers landed. One day then with warm tones and colorful, there are colors inspired by the earth, everything that will beautify your lovely reception bohemian-inspired native american. Here are all our tips and tricks for staging your wedding on the grounds of the aztecs….


Reasons for aztec and feathers on the invitations

It is thanks to the invitations that the guests will discover the universe of your wedding. To announce the theme with your stationery, so you need to play with warm colours : ochre, sienna, brown, orange, red… all embellished decorations, in which feathers and patterns of the aztecs meet with charm.





Thanks to this theme, a native american, you can really have fun and create invitations in the shape of a teepee or hang small pom-poms and feathers to your invitations ultra colorful.



Transform into wedding indian

For your wedding, there may be a Pocahontas who slumbers in you ? So for your wedding, bohemian indian-inspired, you will perhaps not you offer not to wear a dress in suede with fringes and you to walk barefoot, but it is true that some elements can be seduced to perfect your look. It loose its hair, and the wavy locks wavy for the play wedding nature. We opted alternatively for a few thin braids, covered in a hair loose, as it is decorated with delicate feathers.


For the wedding dress, rather a room to the fluidity of light and playing with materials like lace and has long and wide sleeves. Why not the short ball, for example ?



For you the play pretty indian, you can also opt for jewelry inspired fashion aztec : necklaces with feathers and wooden beads, pendants, amber rings in bronze…



And if a shawl in the colors of the Earth and why the aztecs came to warm up your shoulders for the end of the evening ?



And to complete his look of an indian trend, fringes its ally fantasy, bringing them to the feet. So, for your bridal shoes, we advise you to choose of beautiful heels in suede, decorated with fringe, to be styled from head to toe.



Feathers in the bridal bouquet

With a wedding theme spirit native american, are all good reasons to drag feathers in your wedding decoration…and even in your bridal bouquet. Choose the lengths and of different materials, drues or, on the contrary, fluffy, to give volume and a wild side to your bouquet.




Let the spirits indian look on your wedding ceremony

The first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of the Indian natives of America, are surely the tipis. So, why not install it for your ceremony ? These small tents are triangular to replace the traditional arch of marriage, and offer an authentic decor and tribal to your sacred moment.



Other possible use with the tipis, you can also choose to turn in small places cozy to sit and drink wine during the wine of honor.



And if your tipi ceremony was lighting up the night to reveal drawings of animals ? Not only that will dazzle your guests, but your wedding decor can transform a shot of light magic decor indian fairytale.




And if you are not a fan of the tipi, then know that the giant dream catcher could be used decor to your arch ceremony, for example. In the native american culture, these small objects called asubakatchin are handcrafted and have the power to ward off evil dreams of sleep. So, with all these catch-dreams in lace hanging from the trees or arch to wedding, your wedding ceremony will take place as in a nice dream.



For the rest of the décor of your ceremony, we offer you to make your decor a warm place, with a multitude of ribbons colorful, but always by sliding a reminder of the theme.


Install the tables in a deco native american

The table decoration is usually the part of the wedding where the theme that you have chosen is really in the value. So to decorate your wedding tables aztec and bohemian, don’t skimp on the spirit of india : pottery, succulents, geometric patterns, and warm colors inspired by the desert lands…


For the colors, there are several choices available to you : first of all, you can invite the desert to your table and create a warm atmosphere and shimmering with the help of these shades : ochre, dark green, red, turquoise. With these colors, multiple objects from nature can come beautify your table and remember the indian culture. The key is to select decorative elements that have a traditional appearance.




If you want the tribal mind is less present, but your wedding decoration remains in the atmosphere, indian and bohemian, so we advise you to combine the colors of the earth to softer colours, such as white, green, mint or pastel pink. This will stage a table a more bohemian chic than aztec, but fortunately, the small decorative elements straight out of the desert and the native american culture, such as horns, pieces of wood dried, and the triangle patterns will be reminded of this indian spirit that surrounds your day.




How to decorate the wedding cake ?

On the front of the feathers, succulents, and small triangles for the designs. It can be present on logs of wood and put a sweet table to accompany it and create a true table of desserts native americans.



Memories of the indians to the guests

If the giant dream catcher to look up to your guests after your big day is done ? What a beautiful gift idea. You can then embellish with lace, ribbons and colorful feathers to the side more tribal.



Another nice gift to offer at a wedding mind a native american, it is a small succulent plant in a mini pot. A perfect present to spruce up a living room, a balcony, a kitchen. By contrast customize the jar with your names and the date of your receipt.