Wedding reception : which of these 10 themes will you choose to do the staging ?11.10.201811.10.2018admin

You have decided to decline your wedding around a theme but you don’t have inspiration ? Here are some ideas that can help you to give a red thread to your wedding. It is in the detail that it recognises a successful marriage, and this is particularly true in relation to the decoration. But don’t forget that the theme should match your torque, and not only to the bride or groom. Discuss and feel free to pick among these some ideas that you can adapt to your personal story !


Wedding theme colour : zoom in on a dominant color to decorate your beautiful day

This is the theme of the most widespread but also the most simple to fit. Many newlyweds choose to focus their theme on a color or several colors. Pink and white, red and black, purple and silver, black and white, pink and blue pastel… Although this remains a matter of taste, attention to associations unhappy colors… things can glass slip… If you play with the card’s color, you can also work only on a single color. We will for example take the red and the decline around several shades to create contrasts in the decoration, especially with flowers that it is very easy to decline for the shades.



Wedding theme geographical : it takes its guests in a fictional journey around the world

You like to travel ? You are proud of your origins, for example ? You or your spouse are of foreign origin ? You both come from a different country to the customs quite the opposite ? You have met in another country ? And if you choose a theme around the journey, of a country or a region ? This will be an opportunity for your guests to know you better, to discover for certain where you come from, where are you born… If travel is your passion, this will also be the time to use your passion in your decor. The names of the tables can take the names of the countries in which you have mopped, the table plan can take the form of the map of the world…. The gifts of the guests may be a nod to a specialty eaten during one of your travels…



Theme wedding history : the Story you are passionate about, this will animate your animations !

You are passionate about History or you have always dreamed of living in another time ? Some of you crack to the aesthetic of the roaring twenties, very fashionable, while others will choose the medieval period, the disco, or a return in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s… Every decade has its codes and its highlights. Be careful however not to fall into the kitsch ! If you use for example the theme of the roaring twenties, imagine an Art Deco atmosphere, something very graphic, where the golden color dominates the reception. Remember the codes of that era also on the wedding cake for example, it may put the life to the guests.



Wedding theme according to the seasons : instead of summer, spring, autumn, winter ?

Your history is linked to a particular season ? If you are getting married in winter, why not opt for a winter theme, all in white with hints of silver or transport your guests to the mountains in an atmosphere ski resort. Not to mention the fall and the beautiful colors that you can associate with (ochre, red, orange, sienna, brown, etc.). As for the summer you can organize a wonderful wedding ceremony outside, and in the spring you will say yes to your half at the heart of the fields of sunflowers or in a very romantic ambiance in the middle of soft colors and pastel.



Theme wedding, literary : and if your favorite novels punctuated your reception and its decoration ?

For couples married especially passionate about literature in general, this choice may be appropriate. Poems, great love stories, extracts from novels, books, printing press… The choice is vast for staging your beautiful day. As on the decor below, you will be able to use old books to create a amazing scene for your wedding ceremony, you can also at the time of this ceremony, you use some passages from romance novels to animate this moment intimate and romantic. This may be your parents, your witnesses will be able to read these extracts ?



Wedding theme around the movie : that the meeting of the most beautiful film of love starts with your big day !

For lovers of the seventh art, the cinema is a favourite theme, offering a wealth of possibilities : a cult film, a couple famous, a mythical character, the universe of the science-fiction, Bollywood… Here is some ideas to make your thread the day J. The names of your favorite movies may be the names of the tables in your wedding, old hats, VHS, DVD… will be part of the decoration, or why not as of old reels, as well as the famous “clap” Action ! “.



Wedding theme around the vegetal world : advice for the bride and groom who love nature and its beauty

You’re a little “green” and spend your time strolling in the heart of nature, in summer as in winter ? Your couple is passionate about gardening ? Organize your wedding around one or several plants, flowers and other plant elements. Plan a budget florist so if you want to access really setting the scene on the flowers, plants, foliage… you will want a lot of green, and still green ! One can imagine such a wonderful reception around foliage, gypsophila, and plants leaning towards the green, all associated with the wood to create something simple but very elegant.



Wedding theme dreamlike : it’s time to live your own fairy tale

You want a wedding of a princess ? Make this day a true fairy tale by combining it with the symbolism of the angel, the unicorns, of paradise, glitter…ensuring that your other half adheres to the concept because one must admit readily that the princesses may not be the cup of tea darling… “There was once…” will be your thread in order to create the mise en scene of your lovely day. Candles, gilding, red roses, for example, can be part of your wedding to concoct something very royal.



Wedding theme 100% campaign : it invites its guests to take a big breath of fresh air

The nature is your thing then choose a wedding theme country-style and flowers for a wedding held in the countryside. In your decor you will comply with the season in which you marry and the flowers present in your staging will be in the countryside. The flowers of the fields for your compositions were placed in small jars récup’ decorated with burlap and lace retro. The small jars will be of different sizes to create the terrain on the tables and will be deposited on logs table.



Wedding theme in the heart of a musical : the music will be at the centre of your entertainment and will dance to all generations

If you are musicians or passionate music, you can orchestrate your wedding around a style of music : jazz, rock’n’roll and roll, hip-hop, Latin… To decline musically but also in decoration and dress code ! For your reception, when the wine of honour, you can have an orchestra to rocking the guests a soft mood music. During dinner a pianist can varnish rhythm of the meal… And for animations wedding, why not try a blind test musical between the entry and the main dish ?