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Petals at the exit of the church through the launch of the bouquet and the decoration of the centerpieces, the flowers are “in-con-tour-na-bles” in a marriage ! Their colors, the different smells, their softness, their elegance, we love everything ! But as fruits and vegetables, some flowers are not available throughout the year. And as said so well Melanie Miguel, creative Workshop Miguel : “It is necessary to favour the flowers of the season for the benefit of a vegetation quality to his marriage”. Then we read the advice from our pro, and mark your calendar !


What flowers to choose for a wedding in the fall ?

We love dahlias, hydrangea, pods Atropurpurea and the rose English type David Austin that we find throughout the year, and of course berries. All these flowers are generous, graphic and very colourful, while being lightweight ! They also symbolize perfectly the fall.

The bouquet is a blow of heart for the bride

A bouquet very simple, composed of dahlias (with a gradation of colors) and eucalyptus.

Side Foliage….

There are of foliage stabilized colored, a type of eucalyptus or oak leaf, to give a true next fall, but these tend to rub off… You can also prioritize the olive tree, the eucalyptus cineraria classic and maple.




What flowers to choose for a wedding in the winter ?

Winter is the season for bulb flowers. We said yes to hyacinths, tulips, amaryllis, muscaris and, of course, other flowers, without bulbs such as anemones, hellébores as well as buttercups. They have the particularity to be very beefy and fit very well in the bouquets…And they are in season and therefore less expensive.

The trick of the pro to treat flowers in winter

For tulips, it is necessary to put a very little water, but the water is cool because the more they have, the more they drink, and so grow up. You can even get a small cool night outside, if it doesn’t freeze of course. Your tulips is to strengthen instantly.

The bouquet is a blow of heart for the bride

A bouquet in shades of white and grey, with anemones and buttercups, complemented by small succulent plants, and sylverbrunia.

Side Foliage…

We think of the cineraria maritime. With its gray-looking velvety it gives the impression to the sheets to be frosted.



What flowers to choose for a wedding in the spring ?

Spring is the ideal season for weddings. I can’t name flowers suddenly of heart because I love them all… of course there are the peony, sweet pea, lilac, poppy and viburnum. These flowers are fragrant, light and so beautiful…

The trick with peonies

If you do not want that they open too quickly, protect them from direct light !

The bouquet is a blow of heart for the bride

A pretty bouquet of peonies, viburnum and poppy.

Side foliage…

I like to use grasses, as well as eucalyptus.




What flowers to choose for a wedding in summer ?

The summer, I love to use hydrangeas, delphinium, garden roses types Vuvuzella, Alstilbe and Lisianthuses. These flowers stand up well to the heat so we made sure not to put them in full sun, of course.

The bouquet is a blow of heart of the bride

Of the English roses, astilbe and hydrangeas.

Side foliage…

I like to use foliage that is fragrant, type cassis, raspberry and even mint !



How to keep the flowers of your wedding ?

The best way to preserve your flowers as long as possible in top shape is to trim the stems of these periodically every 2, 3 days and put them in the cold water. It is not enough just to change the water, it doesn’t do the same to anything if we do not associate the tips. The flower is in need of drink, and for that he needed the help, so crosscheck 1.5 cm of stem on each flower. You will see that your bouquets will take a lot longer.