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Yay, the wedding dress of your dreams is found, the shoes also, but side beauty look, you dry completely. You see lots of hairstyles in the magazines, without being able to tell you : but which one will go with my outfit ? If the latter should stick with your personality and the shape of your face to highlight, you should know that she must also marry with the neckline of your dress. And to help you make the right choice capillary, Loïc Masurel, elected hairdresser of the year 2017 and ambassador for Revlon Professional, will show you how to combine hairstyle and strapless dress. Our expert, who has just opened her own salon, the innovative concept of ultra-customization, will help you see the light behind your wick.


What hairstyle with a strapless wedding dress ?

This is the ideal model for the summer. This neckline shows off subtle details such as the nape of the neck, shoulders, and back. With a strapless dress, we adopt willingly the bottom bun. With an outfit that radiates to the shoulders, opt for a hairstyle attached in order to highlight the nape of the neck and shoulders. To avoid making the shade of our outfit, we put on a beautiful bun worked in the bottom of the neck. If your wedding dress is of flared shape, the bottom bun a bit loose with a few strands will escape, will be perfect and will create a harmony between the volumes. If your gown is fitted, you will be able to choose a low chignon, and classic-plated-shaped or banana-very Haute Couture. We will avoid, however, to use accessories in order not to overload the hair.


What hairstyle with a wedding dress bare back ?

We love this piece the detail subtle and delicate that highlights your back with finesse. With a detail so elegant, we prefer the option of attached hair. They allow themselves to otherwise attempt by the crown braided, elegant without being stilted. It brings a romantic touch, and a nice port to head to the final look.



What hairstyle with a wedding dress with the plunging neckline ?

For brides who are proud of their chest and do not have cold in the eyes, the plunging neckline will be a ideal model. To counteract with the sexy dress, we adopt the one shoulder (a pretty hairstyle on one side of the face). This trend has quickly established itself as hairstyle lighthouse on the red carpet. To accompany this dress irresistibly seductive, it is the hairstyle glamorous adequate. You can opt for a version that is smooth to create a look that fairly standard, or for a version with buckled way hollywood glamour.

What hairstyle with a wedding dress with thin straps ?

There are many wedding dresses which are adorned with these thin straps almost invisible today. These spaghetti straps are refining our shoulders and bring a touch of streamlined to our wedding dress. For this model, the perfect hairstyle will be the chignon twisted in order to highlight the dress and the straps. Positioning of the bun centered in the back of the neck, while working the twists so slightly blurred, to give a little movement to the hairstyle.


What hairstyle with a wedding dress bateau neckline ?

The bateau neckline, is known to be very sober, but elegant, reveals just the shoulders and rather puts in value the neck and throat. It is very suitable for small breasts, but it remains to avoid if you have broad shoulders. If you wear a wedding dress with a bateau neckline, you can let go of the hair while working the material so wavy in order to create a contrast with the neckline geometric. If your hair is fine, you can opt instead for a low chignon adorned with a jewel head.

What hairstyle with a wedding dress with the shoulders bare ?

It is a major example bringing a lot of sensuality to an outfit of a bride. For this type of model, the important thing is to create a balance between the dress and the hairstyle so as not to overload the look. We therefore give preference to a hair salon attached, such as for example a chignon, plaited, which will combine simplicity, elegance, and intricate detail.




Thank you to Loïc Masurel and Revlon professional

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