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When the married american surround at least three of the bridesmaids, the brides in france are identified by two witnesses in the average, which may be a man (or even two). Yes why necessarily choose only those girls as witnesses to marriage,after all ? But this is not the only difference between these two important roles in a marriage and, as the fashion of bridesmaids has a tendency to infiltrate among us, a small reminder of the differences is needed here !


The marital status of the maids of honour and witnesses of marriage

Did you know ? The tradition is that a bridesmaid should not be married, and rather single. Why ? Because marriage, in which she officiates is supposed to allow him to meet his future husband… So that the witness of the bride may be married, divorced, to be a man… no matter, the witness is (officially) not here to flirt or woo.


The attire of the bridesmaids and witnesses

It is, of course, which allows making the distinction between bridesmaid and wedding witness : the first moves in a pack, colored in a uniform manner. Indeed, if the tradition is respected, the bridesmaid does not have the exclusivity of his outfit, but wears the same as his colleagues of a day, chosen and imposed by the bride. Miss the witness of the bride, on the other hand, must be particularly elegant, but in the style and the colors that it has itself chosen, in agreement or not with the bride.


In the hands of bridesmaids and witnesses, that y-a-t-il ?

You are totally hermetic to the issues dress ? So watch the hands of the young women who surround the bride to find out if they are bridesmaids or witnesses. The first are necessarily a bouquet of flowers that matches their outfit or the bride, but absolutely smaller than that of the latter. Miss the wedding witness has no bouquet.


On the administrative side…

While a witness must provide a certain number of documents proving his identity and profession to be able to sign the official registers at the end of the civil wedding ceremony, the bridesmaid has nothing to do with this side. His title is honorary and does not give him any right to any official participation.


What are the common points between the bridesmaids and the witnesses ?

Witness or bridesmaid, it is up to the lucky lady to organize the bachelor party girl of the bride. The one and the other are also often loaded to keep the alliances of the bride and groom until the ceremony. The other mission, according to the wish of the bride, they may the one and the other participate in the dressing of the bride and the preparations are ” home “. Finally, if the bridesmaid is implicitly loaded to resolve tiny nicks that occur on the day J, it is often to miss the witness that will turn the guests in the event of claims or other matters : no doubt, in one or the other of the caps, bridesmaid or witness is a key role on the day of a wedding !