What type of table to create for a garden or country wedding ?24.07.201724.07.2017admin

“Your theme and your colors give way to a multitude of ideas that will depend on the hardware you have available, the amount of time you want to devote to its completion and the number of guests that you have. In general, you can use natural materials such as pallets associated with flowers, recycled materials such as cans, pots of yogurt…


Plans table perfect for a garden or country wedding

  • You can paint a palette, and put the names of guests on small paper flowers that you attach to it.
  • In the same spirit, you can create a frame in the palette and put the fence behind and set the name of your tables, and those guests over.
  • You can also set the cans (that you have repainted or not) on your palette, put the flowers corresponding to your table names in the boxes (the more you can put water in it so that they do not fade) and write down the name of your guests on the boxes.
  • You can use an arch on which you set the jars with the flowers corresponding to it and put the name of your guests around.
  • You can create a décor with straw bales (pay attention to the risk of fire, this is not allowed everywhere), wooden boxes, put flowers in cans, customised or glass jars, and arrange them in frames or otherwise the name of the tables with the list of guests a little everywhere in your decor.
  • You can use an old window or an old door that you can paint and customize it and then make cards in the shape that you want with the list of your guests.


More simply, you can edit the list of your guests by putting the flowers in the background and the set on an ark, a table or any other support “.


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