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A burial of life of young girl is a crucial part in the stage of marriage. This moment between friends allows girls to relax and have fun before the big day, in a few words a word : you release completely the pressure ! One breath ! It zaps any any any ! We stop to make nodes much too big in the brain and it explodes. To make this moment inevitable a memorable keepsake in its own right in any step of your wedding, it is vital that you are well surrounded. And girls, if there is one thing to remember before you go crazy : this is not the number of friends present that counts, but the relationship with the invited. Mariage.com you help here to know with whom to share a burial of life of young girl is unforgettable ! Girls just wanna have fun !


Credit : photographer Daniel Pelcat, agency Sophia White EventDesign

Who is it that I forget for my burial life of a young girl ?

There is a rule to follow. To be totally comfortable and be able to let you go, it is very important that you know very well all the invitees of your burial life of a young girl, otherwise it will be difficult for you to play in complete freedom. We forget so :

The neighbouring

You get along well with your neighbors. So much the better ! When you cross, you exchange a few words in sympathy, and it happens that you invite them to eat. Why not after all. But are you sufficiently intimate to invite these people to your burial life of a young girl ? It will perhaps not until then, let’s keep sharing a good bottle of cool white wine on the terrace of the balcony to celebrate the feast of neighbors in a intimate way… If you you hear very well with them, of course, you can invite them to your wedding, but their presence at your funeral, burial of life of young girl is not essential.

The distant cousin

Just like the rest of your family, your distant cousin are invited to the wedding. But you can’t see that a few times a year during family parties, and sometimes even their names escape you. Good already on this point there is like a catch right ? Invite them to your burial life of a young girl may cause discomfort if they are not people with whom you have the habit of having fun. Have to say that they have never seen sing along to Dancing Queen may, in fact, you disturb the spirit and they, offend them, if they discover it… They know you certainly too little and there are big risks that your interests are not the same.

The mother and the mother-in-law

This may seem logical, but it is good to be reminded. Beautiful-mom and your own mother are not welcome to your burial life of a young girl, and even if you have to be very close. Ah, unless you consider as friends, and they know all about you, in the smallest details and the slightest nonsense. It may be moreover with your mother that you have done the worst ? In other cases, it is an event that must be shared between very good friends. The age difference could create a discrepancy between what you find fun and what they find hilarious. Think pressured. In any case, if you want to share a moment of complicity with your mother, nothing prevents you to book all the two a day in a spa, a restaurant, or an output symbolic… To mark a moment of sharing before the wedding and make you confidences.

Work colleagues

Unless your coworkers have become great friends of which you are now very close, don’t invite your colleagues to an event such as a burial of life of young girl. At a burial of life of young daughter, the future bride can be made to do things that are totally crazy can be very fun for the friends, but that may prove embarrassing in the presence of your colleagues. You attend before all your colleagues in the professional setting, and you do not would like certainly not that they keep a picture of you annoying.


That is what I want for my burial life of a young girl ?

Your best friends

Of course, your best friends will be the first to receive your invitation. Your very close girlfriends know you better than anyone, you have made the 400 blows a whole, then who else would be able to organize a burial of life of young girl totally custom ? They know what you like, what you don’t like, what makes you laugh… They totally have their place.

Your/your sister(s)

You have one or more sister(s) with which you are fusionnelles and inseparable ? It is important for you that the rest of the family is present to this day completely fun, this will do you good to have you back at this time.

Your best friend

Traditionally, funerals life of girl are reserved for the girls, the bride-to-be and her girlfriends. But if you have a friend man or several) of which you are very close, your best friend and confidant, then it can be also welcome ! It all depends on the program of the day, it may be invited to certain activities : there is no reason not to make an exception to the rule if it is someone without whom you do not see your burial life of a young girl. Good session manicure will perhaps not plug it if your organizers have chosen to include one but your buddies, loved ones you would like to have with you will surely be ready to share other times that day.


Credit : photographer Daniel Pelcat, agency Sophia White EventDesign


Image credit to : photographer Daniel Pelcat, agency Sophia White Event Design