Would you say yes to any of these engagement rings worthy of the most beautiful Disney princesses ?13.11.201713.11.2017admin

Although today darling has already found the engagement ring of your dreams and that you wear it with happiness, knowing your passion for the Disney universe, you may fall for one of these jewels . To such A point that you sauteriez on the occasion that you turn into a princess if it were available ? I believe this is your lucky day…Your dream will become a reality with the girls ! Here are some engagement rings worthy of the most beautiful Disney princesses…


Engagement rings signed Disney

A great fan of Disney as you are, I don’t teach you probably not that will turn into a real Disney princess for her wedding is now possible. But did you know that after putting on the dress your favourite princess, Cinderella, Snow White or Aurora, you can also choose a beautiful engagement ring Disney ? The american giant is indeed associated with the jeweler English H. Samuel in the creation of a collection of engagement rings. Models copied directly from the famous fairy tales that have rocked our childhood. A capsule collection is composed of twelve rings, in style delicate and romantic, silver, white gold, pink gold, diamonds, garnets and topazes. In the attention to detail, the rooms are decorated with a pattern, knot, snowflake, rose or crown, to remind the princess. For those who love jewelry, the collection consists of earrings and necklaces. So, what Disney princess are you ?